About Tamrah Lane

Tamrah Lane is named after the street I grew up in along with my parents, older sister, younger brother, and a pomeranian mutt.

My background is full of Filipino traditions, Middle Eastern and South Asian influences, and western culture. So you may come across diverse recipes, a style influenced by different cultures I grew up with, or certain words that might not be familiar to you.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy whatever you find during your walk on Tamrah Lane. Even if you didn’t like something, (constructively) holler at me! We’re trying to grow and learn everyday over here.


Reham G. Tejada

Founder & Owner located in Virginia, USA

Ever since my mom gifted me a neon green journal in 2002, I always jotted down everything about the chaos and harmony in her world. As a proud self-starter and serial hobbyist, I hope Tamrah Lane inspires you to not only follow your passions but to make something great out of them.

Email me at reham.tejada@gmail.com
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