One Year Later, I’m Launching a Podcast


Happy One Year Anniversary, Tamrah Lane!

One year ago today, I posted the first-ever blog post on Tamrah Lane: Hello From Reham. Since then, Tamrah Lane has grown to be much more than what I had initially imagined. I won’t go too deep into it as I did so already in our Top 2020 Moments, Victories, and Stats and 2021 Goals And New Projects post.

I do not want to sound like a broken record in these types of posts, so to celebrate our one year, I am actually going to take this time to reveal a special project. For the past month or so, a lot of good and bad has happened not only in my life, but the world. As a result, with all the stuff going on, Tamrah Lane blogs were put on the backburner. However, during this time, I have been working on an exciting project.

When Life Gives You Calamansi Podcast is Launching in May!

On Wednesday, May 12, 2021, I will be launching the When Life Gives You Calamansi Podcast!

Essentially, this new podcast is going to be an extension of Tamrah Lane. In this podcast, I will dive into my identities as a Filipino and upbringing as a Filipino in Saudi Arabia. Of course, we will also be talking about topics intersecting with the latter such as Filipino Americans, AAPI community, 2SLGBTQIA+, and more. Obviously, fun conversations about food and candid life things will be a big part of this new podcast.

When Life Gives You Calamansi Podcast Art
When Life Gives You Calamansi Podcast Art

Support the WLGYC Podcast

Official Social Media Accounts

Right now, the official website is up, but content will be live once the first episode airs on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. 

The official social media accounts, however, are up and ready for you to follow. Click the links below to follow the:

We’re on Patreon

Much like the website, is up, but content along with exclusive content will be up starting on launch day. As I just mentioned, exclusive content will be featured on the Patreon in the future. Will it be worth it? Heck yeah.

Fun Facts Behind the Podcast

The When Life Gives You Calamansi Podcast Logo

One of the goals of this podcast is to spotlight the work of fellow Filipino/a/xs, Filipino/a/x Americans, and others of Filipino descent around the world. In doing so, I made the decision to have the logo done by a Filipino.

The result? A beautiful logo that I could not have manifested on my own.

When Life Gives You Calamansi Podcast Logo Animation

Original Lofi Music

To make the podcast even more unique and a manifestation of my personality, I decided to seek out individuals to create original lofi music for the podcast. Right now, there are 3 lo-fi songs with one of them using the same jingle for the When Life Gives You Calamansi podcast logo.

I am not going to share the songs here in this post, but I guarantee you these songs are a serious vibe.

Podcast Guests

As previously mentioned in this post and other blog posts, I really want to celebrate the Filipino/a/x community around the world this year. More specifically, I hope to spotlight those who are making badass moves in the arts and culture realms. With that being said, this is not limited to just having podcast guests. This includes anything from wearing something made by a fellow Filipino/a/x, eating a local Filipino bite, or dedicated segment of the podcast. In other words, expect a lot of #PilipinoPride up in this podcast.

Save the Date!

The first When Life Gives You Calamansi Podcast launches on Wednesday, May 12, 2021!

If you want to get a head start on supporting the podcast, head over to our YouTube channel, social media, patreon, and website.

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