Resources for Fighting Anti-Asian Discrimination – #StopAsianHate


As we entered 2021, everyone had high hopes for the new year and just wanted to forget about 2020. Heck, I was one of those people. However, one of the most beautiful things we witnessed during 2020 was the coming together when racial tensions rose globally. Specifically, we saw injustices done to both the African American and Asian American communities.

Today, as we witness Asian Americans like Noel Quintana and other victims of anti-Asian hate crimes, I want to remind everyone that the fight for justice is far from over. 

We at Tamrah Lane condemn the recent rise in anti-Asian hate incidents. To you, our readers, our friends, our family, and our community, we ask that you call on all the people within your networks to unite and condemn not only the recent anti-Asian hate incidents, but all racially motivated acts of violence. 

To find out how you can be part of this movement, please continue to the list below, which will be updated periodically. We encourage you to bookmark this page and/or share it with families and friends.

Resources for Fighting Anti-Asian Discrimination

Report Incidents and Encourage Others to Do So

One of the biggest things you can do to help is to encourage the reporting of incidents. Many incidents of hate and bias are not reported to the right people, such as community organizations and law enforcement. As a result, we are left with a severe undercount of the problem we are trying to stop. 

You can assist individuals in reporting incidents to:

Support, Donate, and Volunteer

A list of organizations that actively combat racism against the AAPI community.

Support and donate to these individual fundraisers and petitions.

Protect Yourself in the Face of Discrimination and/or Safely Stand Up For Others as a Bystander

Get bystander intervention training by attending webinars and training sessions.

Learn About the History of AAPI Discrimination and Challenges within the AAPI Community

Please Share

If you found this list useful, please share with others who can use this as well. We also encourage you to email us if you want to add to this list at

Again, we will be updating this list as we continue to fight against racially motivated acts of violence. 

Stay safe, everyone.

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Last updated: Friday, 19 March 2021

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