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The ever-so-dreaded Valentine’s Day is coming in hot and fast. Are you ready for it? The gifts? The date ideas? The flowers? The special pampering? Heck, how are you even supposed to make your significant other feel extra special in quarantine?

Getting a gift for your significant other or special someone in your life is difficult. Personally, as my relationship with Michael grows year after year, thinking of gifts gets more difficult! I feel like I have already exhausted all my amazing gift ideas and I need some inspiration ASAP.

Fortunately, in this 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, we have a list chock-full of inspirations. By the end of this guide, we hope these gifts inspire you and make your Valentine’s Day preparation a little easier. If it did, don’t forget to let us know on social media or leaving a comment here!

Food-Related Valentine’s Day Gifts

“I got you food” are the 4 words to anyone’s heart. This section of this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is dedicated to those with hungry eyes and a strong love for food.

 1. Chocolate Fondue Set

Strawberries, pineapples, marshmallows, pretzels, whatever it is… Dip it all in chocolate! This is my personal favorite because it’s fun to dip things, eat food, and it’s downright delicious.

A chocolate fondue set is perfect for those who love both chocolate and fun food dates.

Get the Electric Chocolate Fondue Set on Amazon for $39.99.

 2. Edible Arrangements

Yes, I know you can DIY this at home with some McNuggets or fruits, but sometimes we just don’t got the time! Luckily, there’s a company that does it for you and probably does it better than you could. Well, that’s the case for me at least.

The great thing about Edible Arrangements is that they have a wide, creative range of arrangements. Your significant doesn’t like chocolate? They got non-chocolate options. Your significant other prefers fruit? They got fruits. They even have doughnuts!

Whatever your special person prefers, you can find something on Edible Arrangements that suits them. The best part? They got a Valentine’s Day promotion going on!

Take advantage of their Valentine’s Day Promo on the Edible Arrangements website.

 3. Charcuterie Gift Basket

Before you say anything, I know we included a charcuterie board in our 10 Gifts For Foodies, Home Cooks, & Zero-Waste Foodie Aspirants – 2020 Christmas Gift Guide, but this is different! Instead, this takes away the time needed to go out and buy the charcuterie by providing you a full-sized selection of charcuterie, crackers, cheese, and more.

Just keep in mind that this does not include the board!

Get the charcuterie gift basket on Amazon for $39.95.

Get the charcuterie board set on Amazon for $55.99.

 4. Smokehouse Seasoning Gift Set

In our 10 Gifts For Foodies, Home Cooks, & Zero-Waste Foodie Aspirants – 2020 Christmas Gift Guide, we included a hot sauce sampler set. This time, we are including a Smokehouse Seasoning Gift Set for those whose romantic dinner idea involves the grill.

Get the Smokehouse Seasoning Gift Set on Amazon for $39.99.

 5. Filipino Snack Box

We can never forget to include something for our Filipino peeps. If your special someone is Filipino, treat them to a snack box full of Filipino treats from World Food Mission!

If you are not Filipino, we highly recommend searching for snack boxes

Get the Filipino Snack Box on Amazon for $29.75.

Tech Valentine’s Day Gifts

Tech is a wonderful thing. It makes your life easier and sometimes makes moments more special. As you check out this next section, we encourage you to think about how to put some of these gifts together to make your Valentine’s Day an experience rather than just a gift.

 6. Laser Star Projector

You ever heard of those romantic scenes of two characters in love talking deeply about life under the stars? Recreate that with a star projector!

Not convinced? Picture this… You and your boo laying down on some soft blankets. You cue up some lofi music on YouTube. Your special someone brought your favorite snacks. One of you starts off the conversation and it just goes on from there as you gaze up at a star-filled ceiling.

Is that romantic or what?

Get the Star Projector on Amazon for $49.99.

 7. Love Note Messenger from Lovebox

This is a highly tech gift that is highly romantic. Basically, it’s a box that pairs with an app that delivers special expressions of affection (text messages and drawings) to your special someone. When your boo thang receives your message, the heart on the front will spin to notify them.

Get a Love Note Messenger from Lovebox starting at $99.99.

 8. Dash Cam

The safety of your special someone should always be one of your top priorities. A Dash Cam, though not as romantic as other gifts, goes a long way.

In fact, for Mike and I’s second Valentine’s Day together, I got him a Dash Cam. Since then, he has been naming that as the best gift I ever got him. So if you cannot take my word on this, you can take his. Unfortunately, I did not get as high of a tech dash cam as this one, so I may have to purchase this myself!

Get a Dash Cam on Amazon for $69.99

 9. Electric Coffee Mug Warmer

It’s mid-February and it is cold as hell in some parts of the world. Why not warm up your boo with a cup of her favorite drink that’ll never go cold? Whether it’s a cup off coffee with whipped cream or a spiked hot chocolate with marshmallows, it will stay warm forever with a coffee mug warmer. Well, it’ll stay warm until you finish it.

Get the Electric Coffee Mug Warmer on Amazon for $22.99.

 10. Bluetooth Beanie

Further the gift of warmth by getting them a Bluetooth Beanie! When these first came out years ago, I personally didn’t find them great. Now that time has gone by, Bluetooth Beanies have evolved and are surprisingly well made. As someone who went to school in upstate NY, I highly recommend these for my cold-weather peeps.

Get the Bluetooth Beanie on Amazon for $25.91.

More Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts

We weren’t sure what to label this category since each is quite unique. So let’s just stick with the Creative Valentine’s Day Gift category.

 11. Personalized Music Plaque

Personalizing gifts amps up your brownie points. Trust me.

For this Valentine’s Day gift guide, we selected a personalized music plaque! Send a photo of you and your boo plus your guys’ song. It can be your wedding song, the song that played when you first met, or that song. You know, the one you did the dirty to? 🙊

Get the Personalized Music Plaque on Etsy starting at $17.99.

 12. Forever Rose

Real roses die. Plastic is forever (just like your love).

Just kidding, I love nature but a rose that doesn’t need water and lasts forever? Sign me up.

Get the Forever Rose on Amazon for $25.99.

 13. Personalized Couple Portrait

Personalized Portrait by VisionStudioArt on Etsy (Photo by VisionStudioArt on Etsy)
Personalized Portrait by VisionStudioArt on Etsy (Photo by VisionStudioArt on Etsy)

Sure, you could give your special boo a framed photo of you two. But there’s something about portraits that make you feel some type of way. Like, in a special, good type of way.

Get the Personalized Couple Portrait on Etsy for $23.66.

 14. Personalized Black and White Map Print

A little back story on why we chose this gift: Mike and I started off as a long distance couple! We met in Washington, D.C. during a Thanksgiving Break, but went to two different schools. I went to school in Binghamton, New York while he in Blacksburg, Virginia. However, our first-ever date was in Binghamton, New York. So for us, Washington, D.C. and Binghamton, New York have two very special places in our hearts.

If you found yourself relating to us, we definitely recommend this gift as a reminder of where your love story started.

Get the Personalized Black and White Map Print starting at $10.01.

 15. The Couple’s Bucket List

Let’s face it, after dating each other for a while, you start to run out of date night ideas. This gift should help with that.

Get the Couples Bucket List on Amazon for $49.99.

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