Baisun Candle Co.: Asian-Inspired Scented Soy Candles that Everyone Needs


Have you ever smelled something, like a perfume or hand sanitizer that strongly resembles the smell of VapoRub for some odd reason, and get thrown back to an old memory from your childhood? Well according to Discovery, smells have a stronger link to memory and emotion than any of the other senses. Personally, I had many moments where a scent sparked a vivid memory and recently, Baisun Candle Co. has been doing just that.

In our Beauty, Skincare, Well-Being, And At-Home Spa Gift Guide, we featured Baisun Candle Co. as the editor’s choice. So why am I bringing them up again?

Because you need these in your life especially if you grew up in an Asian household and love nostalgia. 

Taken from Baisun Candle Co. on Instagram

What is Baisun Candle Co.?

Baisun Candle Co. is an Asian American owned small business that sells handmade artisanal soy candles inspired by Asian scents. Within their range of 13 scents are chrysanthemum tea, white rabbit candy, Vietnamese coffee, yuzu, and my personal favorite, melona honeydew. They also have collections you can browse. Currently on their website, you can explore their fall + seasonal, fruits + floral, and tea + snacks collections.

In addition to their delicious scents, Baisun Candle Co. also offers different wicks. When ordering a candle, you can choose between a cotton wick, crackling wood wick, or double crackling wood wick. Quite frankly, I have never owned a candle with a crackling wood wick nor did I know why I would ever want such a thing. However, after receiving my melona honey candle with a double crackling wood wick, I don’t think I can ever go back to a simple cotton wick. Personally, I find this option both uncommon in my candle world.

With the wick option, Asian-inspired scents, and the fact that they are hand-pressed and hand-poured combined, Baisun Candle Co. has proven to be a high quality candle brand that is simultaneously representing the Asian American community.

In other words… Do not sleep on these candles y’all!

My Purchase from Baisun Candle Co.

I first heard about Baisun Candle Co. from my co-worker. I am not sure what sparked the conversation, but once he told me that they produce Asian-inspired candles, I was immediately hooked. Nearly instantaneously, I searched for Baisun Candle Co. on Instagram. Surely enough, their Instagram feed persuaded me even more to buy their candles.

Given that I am a Libra, it was very hard to decide which candles I wanted to purchase. After what seemed like centuries of deciding, I purchased their

  • 7 oz. lavender-colored Ashikaga Wisteria scented candle with a crackling wood wick for $15.99
  • 7 oz. golden yellow-colored Chrysanthemum Tea scented candle with a cotton wick for $15.99 and
  • 14.5 oz. green-colored Melona Honeydew scented candle with a double crackling wood wick for $29.99
Baisun Candle Co.'s Melona Honeydew, Ashikaga Wisteria, & Chrysanthemum Tea Scented Candles
Baisun Candle Co.’s Melona Honeydew, Ashikaga Wisteria, & Chrysanthemum Tea Scented Candles

Baisun Candle Co. Pricing & Shipping


My order total was $61.97 USD with free shipping. At the time this post was written, Baisun Candle Co. pricing has changed. Currently, their 7 oz. candles are $18.00 USD while their 14.5 oz. candles are $32.00 USD. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you when they changed their prices nor can I remember if I got these during a sale.

In addition to my order, I also received cool stickers, a red personalized note, and a business card with candle care information on it.


I ordered my Baisun Candle Co. candles on December 4, 2020, which was a Friday. On December 6, 2020 or the following Monday, my order shipped. Within 12 days after ordering and 10 days after shipping, I received my package during a Saturday afternoon on December 16, 2020. At the time, there was a huge snow storm moseying through the Northeast, so the candles may have arrived a tad earlier.

In terms of shipping costs, your Baisun Candle Co. order will ship free if it is over $49.99 USD. Otherwise, your order ships for $5.99 USD, which may be less or greater depending on where you live. Unfortunately, Baisun Candle Co. does not offer international shipping, but hopefully they will soon!

Melona Honeydew Scented Candle by Baisun Candle Co
Melona Honeydew Scented Candle by Baisun Candle Co

Why Buy from Baisun Candle Co.

If Baisun Candle Co.’s delicious scents and unique candle wick options are simply not enough to convince you, then maybe their mission will.

To provide our customers with experiential candles. We strive to perfect our blends to replicate specific notes that resemble fragrances and aromas we, and many other Asian Americans, grew up surrounded with. If you’re adventurous enough to explore some unfamiliar scents, you may just discover a new world of culture and traditions to enjoy.

Our Mission, Baisun Candle Co.

In addition to their overall mission statement, Baisun Candle Co. dedicates its business to 3 other missions: product, social, and economic. As a summary, Baisun Candle Co. is a business that aims to provide only the highest of quality soy candles while spreading awareness of Asian cultures and traditions and operating on a sustainable basis. On top of all that, this is all through their ability to spark nostalgia within the hearts of their customers.

At the end of the day, purchasing from Baisun Candle Co. not only supports an Asian-American owned small business, but also simply brings you joy as it takes you back down memory lane.

Of course, to get the full picture of their mission and company, visit Baisun Candle Co.’s about page.

Snapshot of Baisun Candle Co.'s website
Snapshot of Baisun Candle Co.’s website

My Final Thoughts on Baisun Candle Co.

Together with their Asian-inspired scents, high quality production, and genuine mission, Baisun Candle Co. is going to be huge one day. I don’t know when nor how they will get there. All I know is that I am going to stock up on these before they become one of those stores that are almost always out of stock!

Again, please do not sleep on these candles! They are absolutely delicious and also make for the perfect gift.

To shop Baisun Candle Co., go to If you love them just as much as I do, come back here and let me know about your experience.

What scent would you like Baisun Candle Co. to release next?


This article written by Reham Tejada and published on Tamrah Lane is not sponsored by Baisun Candle Co. Reham Tejada nor Tamrah Lane will receive any form of commission from any of the links provided in this article. All thoughts written here are that of Reham Tejada.

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