2021 Goals and New Projects for Tamrah Lane


With 2020 being a successful year for Tamrah Lane, it is only natural that we create bigger goals and tackle new projects. By the way, if you haven’t read our 2020 recap, click here to read up!

Now, when I tell you my creativity for Tamrah Lane is bursting at the seams, it truly is. There is so much we can both improve on and accomplish this year that I am not even sure I’ll be able to accomplish everything on my wishlist! Nonetheless, I’m excited for this year and I hope you are too.

Without further ado, here is our “teaser” of our new goals and projects for 2021.

Upcoming Projects for 2021

2021 Tamrah Lane Lookbook

2021 Tamrah Lane lookbook is in the making!
2021 Tamrah Lane lookbook is in the making!

One of our biggest achievements last year is our ‘20 Autumn Collaborative Lookbook – a 16-way collaboration with individuals across the U.S. in addition to the Netherlands. Not only was it a success, but it made me want the next one to

  1. Have even more photos and pages,
  2. Fall under a specific theme, not just a season even though we have yet to decide when we’d release it, 
  3. Include more video and/or dynamic elements, and
  4. All photos will be taken by me. Unfortunately, this means we won’t be able to do a nationwide collaboration. However, it does mean more people within the DMV area can model for Tamrah Lane!

We are still in the brainstorming and planning for the next lookbook, but expect an even higher quality edition this year.

Videos featuring Me, Rasha, and More!

Tamrah Lane videos are definitely coming in 2021!
Tamrah Lane videos are definitely coming in 2021!

Outside of Tamrah Lane, I work as a Multimedia Associate. Basically, one of my main duties is to film, edit, and produce a lot of videos. Because of that, it has inspired me to implement more video into Tamrah Lane. Now, this is very much in the works (like many things we have planned for Tamrah Lane 😂), but I definitely plan on posting videos via IGTV.

If you’re wondering whether or not we’ll post videos on YouTube, that is to be determined. Yes, I know… It seems kind of backwards. Usually people use YouTube as their main platform for long-form videos before implementing IGTV into their strategy, but hey, we’re different here at Tamrah Lane.

2021 Goals for Tamrah Lane

More Filipino Features – Restaurants, People, Companies, etc.


For 2020 Filipino American History Month in October, we dedicated 4 posts to Filipino Americans and Filipino American history. However, if you remember from last week’s post, Tamrah Lane is our tool to pay homage to our identity as Filipinos. In my eyes, we did not successfully achieve that throughout 2020. 

As a result, I’ve decided that we need more Filipino features aside from the recipes we’ve learned from Mama Tejada and Papa Tejada. Fortunately, in the DMV area, there are a lot of Filipino spots to explore! I already have a few in mind. Rasha, who lives an hour away from Austin, Texas, also knows of Filipino spots around her.

Now, Filipino restaurants and foodie spots aren’t the only things we’ll be featuring. As lovers of Filipino-owned brands, followers of notable Filipinos, and newbies at Filipino art and literature, there is so much for us to explore and we can’t wait to take you along with us.

Philanthropic and Charity Efforts

Tamrah Lane aims to spread the word and love in 2021!
Tamrah Lane aims to spread the word and love in 2021!

Last year, the Philippines was severely hit by Super Typhoon Rolly, also known as Typhoon Goni. Fortunately, I was able to personally donate to aid those hit by the typhoon. Later on, however, I realized that others within my network are able to as well. At the time, I wish I had put up a link on Tamrah Lane or elsewhere to allow others to help too. 

After that, I decided that not only is it necessary to spread the word about these things, but to also create a community that encourages philanthropy, charity, and funding those most in need. I don’t quite know how exactly we will accomplish this, but I hope whatever we do on Tamrah Lane helps create a better world at least a little.

Other Goals and Milestones for 2021

Of course, numbers are important. I keep saying 2020 was successful for Tamrah Lane, but I know we can elevate both our content and numbers this year. To constantly remind future Reham and have you guys keep us on track, here are some of the numbers and milestones we’re going to try our best to hit this year:

  1. Reach 100 followers on WordPress,
  2. Gain an overall social media following of 1,500 followers,
  3. Create at least 100 long-form pieces of content, which would consist of blogs or videos. This excludes Journey in Between exclusive content.
  4. Have at least 3 collaborations like our PilipinxPages x Tamrah Lane collaboration, and
  5. Write an average of 1000 words per blog post (in 2020, we had an average of 765 words per post).

If we ever seem to steer away from these goals, let us know ASAP! 😂

Kicking Off 2021 on Tamrah Lane

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing like a fresh start, a clean slate, a blank canvas… There are so many things to do, places to start, and progress to be made! It’s almost scary to think about where we’ll end up!

Nonetheless, I am super excited for 2021 and the projects we have planned. In a way, I hope Tamrah Lane one year from now is entirely different than it is today. Of course, I hope it’s entirely different in the best way. I don’t know what that would look like, but I’m looking forward to it.

Let’s hope 2021 is a year of love, success, wealth, health, and most of all, a step towards a better world. Cheers to the new year, everyone!

New goals and projects for Tamrah Lane
New goals and projects for Tamrah Lane

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