With exemplary smartphone cameras launching and increasing time for creativity during quarantine, more people are realizing a newfound love for photography and videography. As a person who works with cameras frequently, this list is dedicated to my fellow camera lovers who have either mentioned or gifted me these gift ideas.

You could say this list is made for the camera lovers by the camera lovers. Am I right?

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**Note: Prices listed here are retail prices and are not reflective of current sales and deals at the time of this post. Make sure to click on the links to see if they are on sale!

15 Gifts for Photographers, Videographers, and “Phonetographers” 

For the ones who love showcasing their work

1. HP Sprocket Portable Printer Bundle

An on-the-go solution for those who love printing pictures from their phones. The best part? It has a sticky back, so you can paste these into a photo journal or album!

Get the HP Sprocket Portable Printer Bundle on Amazon for $159.00.

2. Photo Clip String Lights

Hands down, one of the most aesthetic ways to display your memories in your home.

Get Photo Clip String Lights (30 Clips) on Amazon for $23.99.

3. Mini Glitter Frame

A glitter frame that adds a whimsical, almost nostalgic effect to your most precious polaroids.

Get a Mini Glitter Frame for $8.59 on Amazon

For the ones who just started their photography/videography journey

4. Photo Journal

Sometimes, we all need a good prompt to take a great photo. 

Get a Photo Journal for $15.93 on Amazon.

5. Crystal Ball Photography Sphere

A crystal ball doesn’t just look into the future, it changes your entire perspective.

Get a Crystal Ball Photography Sphere on Amazon for $50.97

6. Crystal Photography Prism

Just like the crystal ball, a crystal prism lets you experiment with lighting, angles, and perspective.

Get a Crystal Photography Prism for $18.09 on Amazon.

7. Panoramic Time Lapse Tripod Head

Perfect for getting those panoramic views during your vacation in the mountains, beach, or just anywhere that is breathtaking.

Get a Panoramic Time Lapse Tripod Head on Amazon for $15.95.

For the ones who want to elevate their overall camera game

8. Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod

A solid, versatile tripod is the best gift you could give to an aspiring photographer/videographer/phonetographer. As long as you buy one from a reputable brand like Neewer, these things will last more than a lifetime.

Get a Neewer Tripod on Amazon for $99.39.

9. Camera Suction Cup Car Mount

Perfect for car rides, carpool karaoke, scenic routes, and even action shots if you’re daring enough.

Get a Camera Suction Cup Car Mount for $79.91 on Amazon.

10. Mini Photo Studio Box

An extremely helpful gift for those who love taking product photos, food photos, or are always in need of a perfect setting but never have one.

Get a Mini Photo Studio Box on Amazon for $19.99.

11. Rode VideoMicro Compact Shotgun Mic

As an owner of a Rode VideoMicro, this is my most used microphone as a multimedia associate. It’s super portable, does a great job, is quite durable, and works with DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and smartphones. It has yet to let me down.

Get a Rode VideoMicro Compact Shotgun Mic on Amazon for $69.99.

For the ones who prefer “phonetography”

12. Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Sometimes people aren’t ready to drop money on an expensive camera, but still want to get into photography. Help them out by upping their camera lens game with a kit!

Get a Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit on Amazon for $31.99.

13. Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Whether your loved one is a selfie king/queen, TikToker, or constant Facetimer, this all-in-one tripod will ease the trouble of finding a stand and good lighting.

Get a Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand on Amazon for $34.99.

14. Selfie Ring Light

A cheaper solution and also portable solution to the previous gift idea.

Get a Selfie Ring Light on Amazon for $13.99.

15. Phone Holder Gooseneck Mount

A very portable phone holder that can latch on pretty much everywhere (almost).

Get a Phone Holder Gooseneck Mount on Amazon for $24.99.

Editor’s Choice

Insta360 One X2

Insta360 One X2

A more expensive gift, but with good reason. I mean, invisible selfie stick mode?! 

Get the Insta360 One X2 is for $429.99.

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