Let’s Thinx about Periods


Periods are awful. Even beyond the cravings, hormonal fluxes, cramping, bloating, there’s the constant fear of blood dripping down your leg during class or having a giant red spot in your new white pants. Periods are also wildly expensive between the boxes of tampons and pads that you’re not even sure you have enough of and your ruined underwear you’ll end up replacing. Periods are also wildly wasteful between the boxes of tampons and pads and replacement underwear. People have been menstruating since people have been making more people, and there isn’t a better way to menstruate?! So, thanks to the internet, I stumbled upon Thinx.

What is Thinx?

Thinx is a company that creates leak-proof period underwear that essentially replaces your traditional pad. Thinx underwear has a gusset with technical layers that absorb blood and tissue while keeping you dry and odor-free without seeping into your pants. No extra diapery bulk either.

It sounds strange to purposely do what we fear most on our periods, bleed into our underwear. If it offers BETTER security than tampons and pads while also being comfortable, it’s worth a shot.

Why I Considered Giving Thinx a Shot

Now, this may be TMI but we can’t talk about period management without talking about periods. So if periods make you uncomfortable, deal with it, you came out of someone that had a period. Anyway, my periods are painful and extremely heavy, I always needed a ton of boxes of super-absorbency tampons plus a pad for extra protection because I almost always bled through. A lot. I actually switched to a menstrual cup which cut down my spending and leaking to almost nothing. However, getting a menstrual cup properly set is a steep learning curve and not super convenient for travel or public restroom settings if you needed to change. I didn’t want to go back to tampons and pads so I thought I’d try out Thinx for my lighter days or as a back up for my cup and see if they would actually help or even work.

Luckily, Thinx offers a two cycle guarantee (60 days) so if they don’t work for you, you get a refund. Honestly, this is a great offer especially if you are skeptical about this innovative underwear like myself. With such a great offer from Thinx, I decided to order the cotton briefs, bikini, and thong, which absorb about 2 tampons worth, 1.5, and 0.5 respectively.

The Thinx Verdict

After 2 years since my first purchase, I’ve got quite a few things to say as someone who has extremely heavy periods.

If your flow is on the really heavy side like mine, get yourself 2-4 Supers, they absorb 4 tampons worth and are great for sleeping.

Thinx is great for traveling even if you aren’t on your period since they keep you dry and control odors. Think long haul flights, road trips, and day trips.

Thinx has underwear for tweens and teens called Thinx BTWN. Where was this when I bled through my favorite jeans in middle school?! They also have underwear for older women called Speax. How great would it be for menopausal women to not have to buy pads and diapers for their bladder leaks when they are no longer menstruating?!

They. Stay. DRY.

They. Do. Not. LEAK.

They. Are. COMFORTABLE (and not frumpy).

It is a great feeling knowing that I no linger have to go down the feminine care aisle for anything.

They also ship worldwide! If you’re not in the US, you will just have to pay shipping. In Saudi, there weren’t a lot of reliable pads or tampons that were a reasonable price so this was perfect!

Thinx let’s you build more and save more, it’s expensive for underwear but this isn’t your regular daily underwear. It’s saved me a lot of money not spending $20-30 on disposables every month.

If you have a light, short, heavy, or long period then Thinx is for you. If you have a child that is growing into their adulthood, Thinx is for them. If you know someone that could use some extra security after having a baby or menopause, Thinx is for them.

Thinx is one of the best investments in myself that I wish I had sooner. The ease and comfort during the hardest part of every month the last two years is invaluable.

Throughout my Thinx journey, I actually managed to make my period zero-waste! With the added help of a silicone menstrual cup on busier days. No pads, no tampons, no ruined panties. Everything gets rinsed and washed like your normal delicates load.

Did this all sound too good to be true? Hit the link below to get $10 on your first Thinx order. And remember, you get two cycles to see if they work for you so use them! If they don’t work, you get your money back because we all deserve a better period experience.

Thinx about it, here’s to better bleeding!

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