To Our Parents on Their 27th Anniversary


Dear Mom and Dad,

Happy Anniversary! We would say how many years you’re celebrating, but you two never told us! You only told us how you guys met and the silly things that you both would do… Like how dad used to spray cologne on his letters, how mom was cranky that dad would wake you up super early in the morning so he could drop you off to class, or how mom would store watermelons under her bed when she was pregnant with Rasha.

All jokes aside, you two managed to raise 3 strong, independent children while giving them wonderful memories in your home on Tamrah Lane. We know we are kind of crazy or hard to handle in our own way, but we are grateful for all that you’ve done and still do for us. Hopefully one day we will be able to repay you guys for all the love, support, and memories you’ve given.

We are sad that this is another special day we can’t all spend with you at home, but we are sending all our love, kisses, and hugs to you in spirit as you guys celebrate your anniversary. We hope there’s lots of delicious food, cake, gifts, and photos so that you can share your memories with us. We would be nothing without you guys and are very lucky to have you as our parents.

We love you both always,

Rasha, Reham & Rayan

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