Journal in Between

As mentioned in my hello, little Reham was gifted a neon green journal embellished with a heart on the front. Since then, I have kept at least 4 journals, but unfortunately, my entries have been a lot less frequent. Quite frankly, it’s actually a good thing that I don’t write entries as much since I usually talk about the turmoil I am going through.

So being the sentimental queen that I am, I have decided that it’s time to change that. Whether those moments are exciting, sad, rewarding, nerve-wracking, or neutral, I want to share those moments here in the form of a photo journal – all photos accompanied by short written entries.

There is a catch though.

This content will be exclusive to the blog and will not be shared anywhere else. Not even Instagram! Think of it like a hidden treasure chest of tiny moments.

Keep an eye out! It’s coming very soon.


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