Quarantine Summer: Kayaking in D.C.

COVID-19 really did us dirty this year. Like, social distancing? Who is she?! Despite things slowly reopening across the world, I am still cautious of going out. Fortunately, there are still activities out there that are quarantine friendly… Like kayaking!

I’ve been begging Mike (my manz) to take me kayaking for ages and we finally got the chance through Boating in D.C. To ensure you have social distanced fun, you are requried to make a reservation ahead of time, wear a mask at check-in and the dock, and be 6 feet apart at all times including on the water. They also ensure all equipment is sanitised right after they’ve been used.

Right around now is the best time to go if you’re in the DMV area. It’s sunny, but not too hot where you’re going to be miserably kayaking for at least an hour. Although, I must say that it is a PAIN to find parking… I mean it is D.C. we’re talking about. You should also expect to pay for parking in addition to the kayak/paddleboard/canoe rental and how long you are renting it for. For us, everything came out to be $24.64 for a double kayak rental at the Key Bridge location and around $15 for garage parking (we split parking between 3 people).

If you’re looking for a last bit of summer fun that is also safe, I highly recommend checking out Boating in D.C. As you contemplate, here are some photos taken from our day!

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