Regrowing Scallions to Save $$


I know what you’re thinking: “Girl, scallions aren’t even that expensive.”

True… But every time I go out to buy scallions, they come in such a big bunch when I only need a few resulting in the rest going bad before I can find use for them again. In my case, buying scallions is a waste of money, time, and food in the long run. Luckily, scallions are one of those veggies that you can regrow and never have to buy again!

Recently, I bought scallions to garnish a #VeganThursday dish I made a few weeks ago. Since scallions are bought in bunches instead of scallions, I ended up having a bunch left to rot! I’ve used a bit here and there to garnish my breakfast, but again, I am not using every bit of scallion I have. So I decided to regrow them from scraps and make it my first addition to my balcony garden!

To regrow your scallions from kitchen scraps, you’re going to need scraps. Take all the scallions you bought, chop it up until you’re left with just the white bulbs. If you’re not going to use your scallions today, just store them in the fridge. They’ll last for quite a while before wilting.

Afterwards, go ahead and grab a mason jar, Dunkin Donuts cup, or any container you have and fill it with cold tap water (you’ll have to change the water every day to ensure healthy scallions). I recommend using a clear container so that your scallions get all the sunlight it can get. Once you’ve found the perfect container, place your little bunch of bulbs. If you’d like to keep them standing upright, wrap a rubberband around them. Place by a south-facing window or in the sunniest spot in your house and watch them grow! After about 3 weeks, they’ll be ready to harvest.

I lost the lid to my cup, but if you still have yours, cap it on there to create a humid environment for your scallions.

Now, if you’re an aspiring gardener like me, you can take this one step further and plant these in your garden. You can keep them in their clear container forever, but I wanted to be able to use my plastics for other gardening DIYs.

If you want to take it another step further, transplant them into your garden! I made my scallions the first ever vegetable in my balcony garden (work in progress). I recommend waiting until your scallions have grown about 2-3 inches tall and space them at least 2 inches apart in soil that has good drainage.

You’ve probably reached the end of this blog and still be wondering why you should grow scallions. There are a number of reasons!

  • Since scallions grow quickly, you’ll almost always have a nice garnish on hand. It adds a nice flavour and crunch to your food.
  • Growing scallions is almost too simple and easy to not do! Like I said before, all you need are scallion bulbs, a clear jar, and water. The “hardest” part about it is changing the water daily.
  • Scallions add just a tad more greenery to your home. Who doesn’t want to beautify their home every now and then?
  • By using every bit of the scallion, you also get to reduce food waste, which makes up between one-third to one-half of all food produced.
  • The feeling of being able to grow something from scrap and harvesting it just gives you a whole other feeling of fulfillment.

Reasons to not grow scallions:

  • None

Get to it and happy growing!

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