Hello from Reham


My name is Reham and I used to live in a warm orange room in a cozy house on Tamrah Lane. At that house, I had a lot of firsts: birthday, diary, pet, cooking experiment, plant baby, and even my first gigantic baking failure.

This is the place that I’d like to refer to as my roots, which is an amalgamation of Filipino traditions, Arab influences, and Western culture. I’m proud of it all!

Which brings me here, a blog that my sister and I have started!

You can expect to see a true variety of content about plants, cooking, travel, fitness, health, pets, and everything else in between. What I don’t want you to think is that we do these things for show. What we truly want you to think is that we do these things cause they are true to who we are and we are just trying to be 100% genuine like we’ve always been from the start.

That being said, I hope you love what we got to write!


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